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Ideology: The Power of Meaning
The book demonstrates how strong values and beliefs can inspire a team and lead to better results, and how a lack of clarity in ideology can lead to conflict and failure.
Application of evolutionary models in modern business
The book is useful for entrepreneurs who want to find new points of growth for their business. By applying the knowledge gained from the book in practice, you will be able to build a successful model for the development of any project.


Founder of the ANG Intelligence Bureau
Doctor of Business Administration DBA
Master Practitioner in the Art and Science of NLP
Head of the specialization "Marketing of Luxury Goods" in the MGIMO Master's Program
Author of a course on ideology at the Presidential Academy RANEPA
Member of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honorary Society
I use the author's technology to form the semantic axis of the organization.
I am a speaker on the topics:
  • The era of post-truth and fake-news. Mental viruses.
  • LUXURY. How to sell expensively.
  • Meaning management and ideology. Practical application.
Interview with Irina Chu. Homesteading from economy to premium class
Interview with Anastasia Zykova
On the meaning of business, ideology and the influence of the West
DBA IBDA RANEPA. The success story of the ANG intellectual bureau
An interview with Maria Shelkova
From security guard to selling business jets
Interview for Russia 1: Luxury Real Estate in Crimea
Interview with Stanislav Okruh. how the LUXURY market is organized


Publications in media

Why a business is doomed if the manager does not know how to create an ideology
How to retain talented employees: 4 strategies for the business owner
Interview for business magazine
A successful business isn't about money, it's about something else...
Authenticity and innovation of modern SMEs in the St. Petersburg way
Corporate ideology as a motivation tool. How to get employees interested in the company's values?
On the wings of sanctions. When will the Russian business jet appear
What is the NLP technique and how it can be used to achieve success in business
Give your activities meaning.
When you understand WHY, you can find a solution to any HOW.

The new elite is not a position or a plaque on an office.
It is the ability to formulate meanings.
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